School Facilities

The school is located in a serene quiet and spacious environment landscaped by trees. The school buildings are modern and well maintained and suitable for learning and other school activities.
Thika Road Academy

From nursery right through to primary, classes are spacious.

Thika Road Academy
The Boarding Hostels

The boarding facilities are offered for both girls and boys in modern self-contained rooms including hot water facilities. Each room accommodates only four students.

Thika Road Academy

The school offers transport to students within the neighbourhoods around the school.

Thika Road Academy
dinning hall

The school has a dining hall where meals are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Thika Road Academy
Spacious Playground

The school has spacious playgrounds for various sporting activities.

Thika Road Academy
Swimming Pool

The school has two swimming pools, one of which is a standard size (25 x 10 metres) and a baby pool (10 x 5 metres).

Thika Road Academy
School Grounds

The school has extensive grounds with lush green grass. The grounds are used for various sports and recreation activities at the school.

Computer Lab

The school has a well equipped computer lab that incorporates programs aligned with the curriculum.

Thika Road Academy

The young students enjoy climbing and sliding on this playground daily.

Thika Road Academy
Playgroup Class

The 3 year old Playgroup students in class during an online lesson via the white board.

Thika Road Academy
Chess Club

Our Chess Club students engrossed in chess at school, an activity that is fun and also educational.