Extra Curricular Activities


Students are encouraged to develop physical skills, coordination, strength and physical fitness. Our students enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from our wide range of outdoor sporting activities like Football, Swimming, Basketball, Volley ball and Athletics.

Excursions are scheduled for competitions and other activities during the term.

Other activities our students participate in include dance and scouting.

Scouting Club provides challenges and adventures for our students. We believe that young people will develop most when they are learning by doing, when given responsibilities, when working in teams and when they take acceptable risk and think for themselves.

For boarders, in addition to the above, there are various activities offered to the students including cooking, excursions and transport to and from church on Sundays.

Thika Road Academy


Scouting helps develop young people
  • It helps to improve skills e.g. listening and expressing ourselves
  • It teaches how to be responsible
  • It gives courage and helps scouts to be confident
  • Scouts can assist in various situations including providing basic First Aid