The school follows the 8-4-4 system of Education.┬áThe primary school system is structured with eight years of primary education, lower primary (class I – 3) and upper primary (classes 4 – 8).

The children are prepared for the Kenya Certificate of Primary education (KCPE) and they are also trained from a young age to be self-driven and to manage their time well.

The teachers are committed to playing an important role in molding the lives of the students for the future.

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key concept

The Primary school curriculum encourages students to develop an understanding of key concepts in the following subjects:

Thika Road Academy
Thika Road Academy
Thika Road Academy
Thika Road Academy
Thika Road Academy
social studies

school program

Our primary school program offers hoilstic education that sets the foundation for our students intellectual, physical and social development. Students are taught to discuss their ideas and be attentive and explorative as they learn.

During primary school our students advance each year from one class to the next. The students are placed in classes with one teacher responsible for their education and welfare in collaboration with other teachers.